Spangler on the beach
Cheryl and Spangler  Helen and Spangler  Spangler with the children

Spangler, 01/02/03 to 25/3/06

In three short years you changed our lives
You turned it upside down
You chased around the garden
And acted like a clown

You found the dirtiest water
And plunged right in head first
You came out smelling not so good
And shook yourself all over us
We always laughed, just because…………..

You stole our socks and stole our food
You ran around the house
When family or friends did call
You welcomed them by running
round and round and round the hall
and up the stairs and down again
and jumping up and down
yes Spangler you were a happy boy
and definitely a clown

Your other side was cuddly
the cuddliest boy we knew
you always wanted lots of strokes
hugs and kisses too
you liked to go to Beachin pool
in fact you loved to swim
You shook and shivered with excitement
Until you were let in

You took your suffering without complaint
You were the bravest of the brave
Your tail still wagged although in pain
You were still our happy boy
To know you was to love you Spangler
You filled our hearts with joy

After three short years you left us Spangs
Yet in our hearts you’ll stay
We know we can’t replace you
It would take forever and a day
As years go by the tears may stop
the pain may fade that’s true
forever in our hearts Spangler
so glad that we had you

Maria and Spangler in the sea

Martin and Spangler playing

Martin and Spangler in the sand

Spangler sadly died in March 2006, since then we have heard from other pet owners whose dogs and cats have suffered in some way after vaccination. They have very kindly given us permission to print their stories. Read their stories here

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