Spangler in the sea

Vaccinating our pets to protect them is something most responsible pet owners do without much consideration….the vet says that is the only way to protect them, and we listen – after all they know best! That is, until something goes horribly wrong and we start to research, which is when we find that it is much more likely for dogs and cats to react to a vaccine than not. Whether it is a mild reaction or horrific death, the risk is there and it is a significantly high risk.

When our beautiful 3 year old Golden Retriever died after his booster, we decided that his death should not be in vain. It’s almost impossible to have any communication with Virbac - the vaccine company involved, although they have paid all the veterinary bills for Spangler – more about that in Spangler’s story. Read Spangler's story. We decided to put their money to good use by starting this website to campaign against over vaccination and the unfairness of the system. This will hopefully prevent others from suffering the pain, heartache and grief that we have.

Drug companies have carried out research which shows that boosters for parvo, distemper and hepatitis need only be given every 3 years. Independent research has shown that once a dog or cat has these antibodies in their system they are protected for at least 7 years to life! Read story.

Why then, do some vets continue to re-call dogs and cats each year for a booster for these illnesses – could it be they are not aware of the research, or could it be monetary? A letter that I received from Virbac, the vaccine company involved states that ‘in an ideal world all dogs would have a blood test each year to establish whether a booster was necessary’. Straight out of the horse’s mouth (so to speak)!

Spangler lying down

Spangler sadly died in March 2006, since then we have heard from other pet owners whose dogs and cats have suffered in some way after vaccination. They have very kindly given us permission to print their stories. Read their stories here

If your pet has suffered through vaccination please contact us: